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weepingqueen whispered:

"DEFEND. Uh... Kougami/Makishima again I guess harharhar"


UH. I’m really not sure what happened here. Writing these two always seem to escape from me. idk. have some very vague defending HAHAHA

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—— ☽Noting the practically-gloomy-in-every way man standing not even a yard before her, Maggie cautiously takes a step forward and waves and him. “U-uh…hello. You seem to be rather…” Annoyed, lonely, bored, "Irritated. Is there anything I can do to help? Are you lost or something?" Be careful not to irritate him or else the hunting dog just might bite.

▒▒█ ♞: “You wanna help?

              Slow is his drawl, low and ominous to points where one may need to strain their ears in order to discern his chords. He needn’t look at the female standing before him, easily able to detect the trepidation as she approaches him—her voice sounds young, around the same age group as Tsunemori. Yet this does not provide any reason for him to treat her like he does the inspector.

              “You can help by leaving me alone." Perhaps in a moment prior he was in the mood for human interaction, but he needn’t the companionship of a mere girl, especially one so young an age where simply by lingering around the fanged hound will rot her hue to a revolting black.


▒▒█ ♞: Fascinating how easily bored one can become when deprived of human interaction. And to think that even a hound like him would come to crave such a pointless venture, but suppose even he is victim to the fragile organ palpitating within his chest cavity, pumping blood throughout his circulatory system yet somehow wrenching and twisting to the point where he ends up eliciting a dreary sigh. How annoying.


I ship chemistry.
So forgive me if I do not jump your bones right away.
The story has to make sense to me. 
There has to be a connection. 
And if I don’t feel it, I can’t write it.

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Psycho-Pass: whats and whens 


A memo to self so that I won’t forget when and what PP-related to buy/read/watch:

  • Psycho-Pass New Edition: 11 episode rehash of the 1st series with new footage, starting in July
  • Psycho-Pass 2: 2nd series, starting in October
  • Psycho-Pass the Movie: premiering in Winter’15
  • Psycho-Pass Novelization: 2 Choe prequel stories, 1 Kagari prequel story, 1 Kunizuka prequel story; October, Hayakawa Bunko JA
  • Psycho-Pass Genesis: Masaoka & the Sybil System prequel story; December, Hayakawa Bunko JA
  • Kanshikan Kougami Shin’ya: prequel manga, starting on June 30 in Monthly Comic Blade
  • Kanshikan Tsunemori Akane: ongoing manga publishing in Jump SQ; not to forget to buy vol.5 when it’s out
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